" I read an article today that said California has the worst drivers.
                                                                I couldn't believe it. I had to pull over and finish the article."

" I've been working out trying to lose weight. I'm doing a
                                                          hundred crunches a day. I love em, their made by Nestle's."

Written by Scott Wood  Performed by Jay Leno

The Write Stuff!

To me a great joke is like a rare diamond...they're both priceless!
I've been writing and performing for more than twenty years and have written jokes for top comics and entertainers as well as short stories and scripts. Most recently "My Life in Punchlines"
  the sitcom based on my life and comedy. I love writing jokes and would love to write for you too. If you're a Comic, Speaker, Entertainer or anyone who wants to infuse more laughter into their act, book more gigs and make more money then it's time to call Mr. Punchline!

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Me and the queen of comedy Joan Rivers.